Frump to Fabaganza: Week 3

Welcome to Week 3!

This week mostly consisted of various combinations of t-shirts and jeans.  I didn’t really venture out much except for a dental appointment and a jeans shopping excursion…  Which ended in tears.

Jeans shopping, man.  It’s a bummer!  They’re either too tight, too loose, fit but have a massive waist the size of a small planet, make your butt look flat (which is not flattering for those of us that have some bubble), or the pockets are too low.  They are almost harder to find than a good fitting bra.  I complained to Hubs that it’s “just so easy for guys!”  He sighed and gave me a big hug.  Maybe next week…

Anywho, fabness:

Week 3

Week 3

9. Weekend comfy:
Shirt — Kohl’s
Jeans — Delia’s
Shoes — Target
Earrings — Kohl’s

10. House Hunting:
Shirt — Marshall’s
Jeans — that one place in New York…
Shoes — Target
Watch, earrings, necklace, ring — Gifts
Bracelet — Forever 21

11. Peach Pie Making:
Shirt — Target
Jeans — same as #10
Shoes — Target
Necklaces, earrings, bracelet — Gifts

12. Errands:
Shirt — Kohl’s
Jeans — Delia’s
Shoes — Target
Earrings — Claire’s

13. Semi-successful Shopping followed by A Good Hard Run:
Shirt — New York & Co
Sweater — Target
Jeans — Target
Shoes — DSW
Necklace — Target
Bracelet — Gift
Earrings — Forever 21

My favorites of the week are #9 and #13.  I felt comfy and put together, which is sometimes a rarity.  What are your favorites?  How do you successfully combine comfy and put together?  Let me know; I love hearing from you!


Frump to Fabaganza: Week 2

Soooo… this week was a little on the weak side for getting dressed and what not.  I was sick on Monday and Tuesday and basically stayed in my jammies… because that what you do when you feel like crud.  But I did pretty good for the rest of the week.  Even made the 9 am cut-off time, which I took as more of a suggestion than a rule last week.

Awesome August2-002


6. Shirt — Kohl’s
Jeans — Delia’s
Shoes — DSW
Earrings — Kohl’s
Necklace — gift

7. Shirt — Kohl’s
Shorts — Old Navy
Shoes — DSW
Necklace — New York & Co

8. Shirt — Old Navy
Sweater — Target
Jeans — Delia’s
Shoes — somewhere in downtown D.C.
Necklace — Claire’s
Bracelet — gift

Frump to Fabaganza: Week 1

Week 1 of Frump to Fabaganza was a little more effort than I originally thought.  Breaking out of bad habits (pj’s all day) is hard, and this was no exception.  My usual morning ritual is to make coffee before Hubs goes to work, then sit in front of the computer writing emails, making calls, occasionally getting up to make the bed and fold laundry… all while still in the jam-jams.  Days 1 and 2 were easy — I actually had places to be and things to do before noon.  The rest of the week, well, lets just say that this project was the only thing that kept me motivated.  I mean, really.  Who wants to think about hair and make up if you’re just hanging out by yourself all day?

I did find (and this is a lesson learned for the billionth time) that I was more productive, even if I was just hanging out at the house by myself.  I was more inclined to venture out into the world beyond and get things done.  Like grocery shopping.  Dog grooming.  Class registration.  Ya know, grown-up, “responsible” things.

I struggle sometimes with being a grown up…  My usual motto is “Responsi–SHINY!!!!!”

The struggle is real, folks!

The Outfits

The Outfits

1. T-Shirt — Target
Pants — Loft
Shoes — Target
Necklace — New York & Co
Earrings — Claire’s
Sunglasses — Target

2. Black Shirt — Target
Necklace — New York & Co
Shorts — Old Navy
Watch and Earrings — gifts

3. T-shirt — Target
Pants — …somewhere in New York
Shoes — Target
Necklace — Claire’s
Bracelets — gifts

4. Shirt — Target
Jeans — Delia’s
Shoes — Target
Necklace — gift

5. Shirt and skirt — Target
Necklace — Claire’s

Awesome August

Welcome to Awesome August!  This month is going to be AWESOME!!!

I have to admit I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately.  Sometimes boredom does that.  It’s been hard to get the motivation to do anything, especially taking care of myself.  What’s the problem?  We’re in a new city, a new apartment, and we are starting to make new friends…  But sitting at home all day biting my nails hoping to a) get into a school so I can finish some sort of degree and b) trying unsuccessfully  to get a summer job have started to wear me down. (As an aside: I have been accepted into both schools I applied for, chosen which to attend, signed up for classes, and am waiting for school to begin — YAY!)

All this blah-ness has led me to this months projects.

Project 1: August’s Great Frump to Fabaganza

Awesome August-001
Part of the reason I feel so crappy and lazy is due in part to there being no need for me to get out of my pajamas unless I’m headed to my twice weekly volunteer job.  That’s two days out of seven that I actually need to be dressed in some semblance of real clothes.  That’s just ridiculous!

So, here are the guidelines for August’s Great Frump to Fabaganza:

  1. I will be totally ready for the day no later than 9:00 am.  This includes face (washed), hair (brushed), clothes (on), and accessories (fanceeeh).  Doesn’t need to be over the top, but at least put together.
  2. I will do this process 20/31 days in August.  Most likely Monday through Friday, maybe a weekend or two thrown in, starting August 4th.
  3. I will document this project in a weekly post (Friday Fabaganza! — except this week, post on Sunday), which will include pictures of what I wore and any tips, tricks, or products that seem pertinent.

Project 2: Tri-ing for 6 Weeks

Assateague Assault Tri 2011

Assateague Assault Tri 2011

Hubs and I signed up for a Sprint Triathlon this last week.  SUPER EXCITED!!! This tri takes place on September 13th, so we have exactly six weeks (technically five I s’pose, but we started training last Sunday, so six it is) to get ready.

Guidelines for Tri-ing for 6 Weeks:

  1. Train, obviously.
  2. Post training schedule by August 12th so those of you interested can follow along.
  3. Post 4 times about tri’s in the next 5 weeks (Tri-ing Tuesday):
    1. Tri Training Schedule (August 12th)
    2. Food for Tri-ing
    3. What You Need to Tri
    4. Post-Tri Awesomeness (Because finishing a triathlon is something to celebrate!)

Project 3: Motivated Maybes Reads

July Reads (still have some left in The Year of Living Biblically, but I started it in July so I’m counting it…)

July Reads

I have been obsessed with BookTube this summer!  What’s BookTube you ask?  It’s a channel on YouTube where they talk about books, books, and more books!  I love it.  I started my own channel at the end of June, but haven’t posted any videos yet.  August will change that.

Guidelines for Motivated Maybes Reads:

  1. Post intro video onto YouTube (and here) by August 9th.  I will include a link to the video and to my quote blog on Tumblr on Motivated Maybes.
  2. Read and stuff…
  3. Post BookTube vlog at least once a week for a total of (at least) 4 videos in August.

I’m really excited!  I think this month will be great!  And busy.  Busy is good.

What are your goals/projects for Awesome August?

7×7 Closet Remix

I have always been inspired by the various forms of “closet shopping” posts going around the blogosphere.  It’s wonderful to see real women creating real(ly cute) outfits from items they already own.  No need to go out and buy more stuff (although, who doesn’t like new stuff?) just to have a cute new outfit — just wear something you already have in a new way!

Just like everyone, though, I get into a closet rut.  I wear the same four t-shirts, the same two pairs of jeans, and the same pony-tail every day of the week for weeks on end.  In fact, I’m in one of those ruts now (minus my new summer shorts).  BORING!  So it’s time for new outfits…  With that in mind, I really try to go through my closet whenever I get an itch to go out and buy new stuff, because invariably there are several cute things in there that I have forgotten about.

Enter the 7×7 hosted by Putting Me Together and Ma Nouvelle Mode.  The rules are to pick seven items (including shoes) from your closet that you already own and remix them into seven distinct outfits.  It took me all weekend to think of my seven items (especially the shoes) and quite a few hours to think of all of the possible combinations I could come up with without giving up my personal style.  But here you are: my 7×7 Challenge:

My 7 Items:


1. Polka dot blouse — Target (b.c. it’s cute and it’s one of my favorites)
2. Chambray button up — Loft (b.c. it goes with everything, can be worn alone or as a completer)
3. Navy shorts — Old Navy (b.c. it’s finally getting summery outside)
4. White t-shirt — Target (b.c. it’s comfy)
5.  Tribal print dress — Target (b.c. I’m trying to get away from jeans all the time)
6. Skinny jeans — Dress Barn (b.c. I love jeans…)
7. Navy canvas wedges — DSW (b.c. I bought them a month ago and haven’t worn them yet)

My 7 Outfits:

7x7 Closet Remix


Necklace — me
Earrings — Target
Belt — Target
Big Girl Bag (Coach Purse) — gift from Hubs


Earrings — probably Claire’s…
Necklace and Belt — NY&Co

Favorite #1

Favorite #1

Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet — NY&Co
Big Girl Bag


Earrings — NY&Co
Bracelet — Kohl’s
Purse — Target
Necklace — gift from Hubs


Earrings, Long Necklace, Bracelet — NY&Co


Earrings — NY&Co
Belt — Target
Scarf — gift from bestie

Favorite #2

Favorite #2

Earrings — Kohl’s
Belt — Target
Bracelet — NY&Co

From what I understand, accessories are not included in the count, so I mixed and matched..  As you can see, I have some favorites that I constantly rotate.

Whatever Works Wednesday link-up party on


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How do you think I did?  What would your 7 Items be?  How do you shop your closet?  What are your favorite pieces on repeat?

Also, before I go, I’d like to give a little shout out to Hubs.  He took all of the photos.  Thanks for the help, Hubby!


New Summer Shorts

Summer Time!

Summer Time!

I don’t usually go for shorts, much less crazy patterned shorts.  I generally find them too, well, short.  If I wanted to wear underwear in public I just wouldn’t wear pants.  On the other hand, I also don’t want to look like I can’t dress myself, which was the other option in the shorts department — big, billowy, and ill-fitting.  However, I am excited to say that in the last few summer seasons shorts are showing up in appropriate lengths for normal people.  Yay!

I saw these “loud” shorts [as Hubs described them] at Old Navy and decided I had to have them.  I also bought a pair of Khakis, just to round out the wardrobe.  I mean, let’s not get too crazy here!  🙂



1. Shirt — Loft
2. Shorts — Old Navy
3. Charm Necklace — Claire’s
4. Earrings — Target
5. Sandles — 8 years ago… soooo… ?
6. Belt — Anchor Blue



Even though it’s only costume jewelry, I just adore that little owl charm necklace!  And even though the shoes are 8 years old, they have been in storage for probably 7.  I just dug them out of all of my old stuff over spring break and had Mom send them to me.



So, what’s your favorite summer time outfit?  Have any guilty favorites?  Oldies but goodies?  Loud shorts?  Long shorts?  Short shorts?  I’d love to hear from you!

A Couple of Outfits to Start Us Off…

Here are a few outfits from the past (fallish 2012) to start us off.  I apologize for the awful quality; these photos were taken before Spider (story coming soon) and I really had no idea what I was doing (not that that’s really changed…).  I have tried to list where all of the items I’m wearing are from, although a good number of them I have had for quite some time.  Also, lucky for us, I just so happen to be a believer in shopping your closet and finding fun, new ways to wear items you already have, so you’ll notice there are a few repeat items.


1. Grey Loft Suit Jacket — found at Goodwill for $4 🙂
Grey Sweater — Christmas present from forever ago
Delia Jeans from two years ago
White Ruffle Collar shirt — Kohl’s, several years ago
Black Belt — Target
Black boots — Kohl’s

2. Floral top — Kohl’s
Navy Shorts — Old Navy
Canvas shoes — DSW

3. Same Grey Loft jacket as #1
Purple Silk blouse — Loft, on sale
Skinny jeans — Dress Barn
Purple heals — Target
Necklace — NY&Co
Movado watch — gift from Hubs 🙂

4. Same skinnies and grey sweater mentioned above
Blue chambray shirt — Loft, on super sale!
Scarf — Target
Skinny Belt — Target
Necklace — NY&Co
Bracelet — NY&Co
Onyx and Sterling Ring — gift from my Auntie
Shoes — Payless or Target…

5. Same skinnies, belt, and shoes from #4, same necklace as #3
Silk Leopard blouse — Loft, on sale
Purple cardigan — Target