Master Bath Reveal: Let’s Make This As Hard As Possible

Seriously.  Can we?  Make it as hard. As. Possible.  Because we can…

I know you are dying to find out how it turned out, so here ya go!



I think Hubs would agree with me that the Master Bath was the most frustrating of all of our DIY projects to date.

Part of that may be because neither of us had ever tiled a wall (which is EXTREMELY different from tiling a floor).  Part of it may be because we chose to do a niche.  Another part may be because we chose to do a “really cool” accent in the middle of the wall.  Part of it may be because we changed our minds half way through.  Regardless, this was the hardest project we’ve done and we couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out!

Welcome to the Home Spa!

Welcome to the Home Spa!

It’s a spa-like zen when taking a shower in there, I promise you!

Disclaimer:  The “After” photo in this post was taken by a photographer (not me) for The Hoffman-Terry Group, LLC, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. This image has been reproduced with permission from The Hoffman-Terry Group.  No Copyright infringement intended.


Vanity is a Sin… But Face-lifts Are Nice

Ha!  That title cracks me up.  Sometimes I am witty…


As you may know, Hubs and I started working on another bathroom update a while ago.  Our motto was “It’s not for us, just make a decision.”  Because, ya know, decisions are hard —  especially when you’re faced with living with them for the rest of your life (i.e. the powder room tile choice).  I have found, though, that makeover decisions were easier when the goal was “neutral, but interesting” in order to sell.

Hubs and I talked about getting a new vanity for the master bath, but after shopping around and not finding anything affordable we liked we decide to try out a “vanity face-lift.”  Read: paint.

If you have been following me at all, you have probably noticed that I have done a few old-to-new face-lifts (here and here) and that spray paint is my new best friend.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think spray paint would be the appropriate choice for this particular makeover.  So paint it was!

I was a little apprehensive at first.  I just really disliked the vanity we had.  It was white.  And boring.  And ugly.  And  old.  But after some Googling, and some inspiration from one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love, I decided maybe it was doable.  Besides “It’s not for us…”

Sanding Tools

Prep Tools

Preparation Tools:

Electric Sander with 100 grit sand paper (I used a finer grit since it wasn’t real wood and I didn’t want to destroy the finish; just rough it up a bit…)
Screw driver to remove pulls/door
Mask (sanding dust is no fun…)
rubber gloves

I used the same basic technique outlined in previous posts, with a few modifications.

First, I got a new toy.  🙂

New Toy!

New Toy!

After taking the door off, pulling the drawers out, and cleaning the inside out with some diluted Simple Green, I lightly sanded the entire outside surface of the vanity.  Then, I followed that with  TSP, and some left over deglosser from a previous project to ensure the surface was SUPER clean.  It is just builder grade white vinyl (?) — the cheapest of the cheap found on every home improvement stock floor everywhere and not even real wood.

Color Change: Behr Premium Plus in Roman Plaster

Color Change: Behr Premium Plus in Roman Plaster

Once the prep was done I was ready to paint!

Get your paint on!

Get your paint on!

Painting Tools:

Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Roman Plaster
paint brush
Foam rollers (as suggested by Young House Love; they worked like a charm!)

The second modification was deviating slightly from the How To’s I read in that I didn’t use a separate primer before I painted.  This is not a step I skipped when I painted the kitchen cabinets, but I felt that the bathroom vanity gets a little less wear-and-tear than a kitchen cabinet, so I made a judgement call.  I did, however, use a paint-and-primer-in-one (Behr is my all time favorite paint, and we pretty much use it exclusively in our house).


I was surprised by how pretty it turned out!  Roman Plaster is a beautiful, creamy neutral that is NOT WHITE.  It really looks spiffy now.  There was a spot I was particularly concerned about where the finished had chipped quite a lot, but after sanding and painting, it has completely disappeared!

Disappearing Act

Disappearing Act

Also, it’s really amazing what new hardware will do.  The new nobs bring this old builder-grade vanity to the next level.

Master Bath4-001

You can really see the color difference here, since I forgot to paint the kick plate (that has since been corrected).

Fin (sorta)

Fin (sorta)

Check out the upcoming Master Bath Update: Let’s Make This As Hard As Possible for the final-final product with the new counter top and pretty fixture.  🙂

Have you ever painted a piece of furniture?  What did you do?  What materials did you use?  Tell me all about it!

Where Have You Been Lately?

(Now that song is stuck in my head….)

Holy cow bell, y’all!  It’s be a lllloooooooonnnggg time.  Hope everything is going well with you and that you are getting Motivated for Spring!

Also, Happy Easter!

Image Credit Unknown

I know, I know.  It’s been forever and I’m sure you felt abandoned.  Fear not!  I have fun, juicy deets about the house renovations coming up.  And now that I have the kitchen back, I can start cooking again so I might even have a recipe.

First of all, I want to tie up some loose ends.  I’m sure you’ve been wondering about the Master Bath.  Well, that’s finished!  So I will be forthcoming with details, stories, and how to’s soon.  Second, we started and finished the kitchen with barely enough time to clean the house before putting on the market.  And finally, we’ve sold.  It’s all very bittersweet.

My goal this week is to get pictures ready for the above mentioned posts, and will probably have the first one out today or tomorrow.  I hope you’re as excited as I am!




13 Dec H54F

Yay!  It’s Friday!  Oof.  This week has been long.  The final push for the semester… starts tomorrow…  But, it’s Friday today and I have decided to take the evening off.  🙂

This week was not with out it’s highlights.

1. Last Friday I went to a much needed Happy Hour with my girlfriends to Chop House.  I lurve the logo.  It makes me laugh.

2. Noticed earlier this week that the Christmas cactus has GONE CRAZY!  So many blooms this year!  Very pretty… but it also means it’s pretty darn cold in that window box.  Energy efficiency, smenergy efficiency, yeah?

3. Worked on the bathroom with Hubs this weekend.  Did not exactly go as planned.  Needed to take a wine break.

4.  I’m doing a December photo challenge with my wedding photographer friend.  Monday’s theme was “something you’re reading”…  I thought this was appropriate since I”m gearing up for Finals.

5.  SNOW DAY!!!  We finally got our first snow! School and work cancelled.  I did homework and worked on the bathroom (again!) with Hubs.  Bestie said I didn’t get the point of a snow day…

As always for the H54F, linking up with Lauren Elizabeth.  Congrats Lauren on your new auntie status!

Bathroom Renovations Part Deux: Master Bath

Hubs and I have embarked on another bathroom makeover (I know, we’re getting a little redundant with the content).  Our original plan was to somehow figure out a way to utilize the “dressing room” space between our closet and our teeny, tiny, itty, bitty master bathroom.  Well, with our current moving situation, we have decided to just do some updates instead of a bathroom overhaul.  I’m actually really excited to see how it turns out!

When we moved in, our master bath looked like this:

Who thought a blue toilet was a good idea?

Who thought a blue toilet was a good idea?

Things I particularly enjoyed about the old bathroom:

  • cracked shower tiles
  • bad caulk job (impossible to keep clean, and the mildew just spread further)
  • teeny, tiny floor tiles, also cracked
  • white EVERYTHING!
  • The lovely blue commode…

Let me tell you, going from a large vanity counter-top, full size tub, room-to-spare master bath, where we could both fit comfortably to this tiny little space (no room for products!) was a little rough at first.  But we wanted to live in it for a while to get a feel for how we used the space before ripping down walls and moving plumbing around.  Hence, we never actually got around to it.

I never realized how yellow the paint on the walls were until we ripped the cabinets out…

Master Bath1-001

As every DIY home improvement project goes, it has taken us triple the amount of time we thought it would.  However, choosing tile, hardware, and accents with the purpose of selling in mind definitely makes decision-making easier…

So, to start with, we ripped all of the old shower and floor tiles out (Hubs channeled The Hulk and ripped the floor out in three pieces); replaced the mildew-y, below grade insulation; put up a vapor barrier (there wasn’t one before); installed new cement board walls; laid the base of the floor (twice…); and installed a shower niche.

Master Bath2-002

We have finally come to a consensus on the shower tile layout and accents, bought all of our materials for the new toilet (just waiting for installation), a new “invisible” shower door, and have bought all of our hardware (faucet, towel racks, vanity nobs, shower head and nobs, etc).

To save ourselves a dime, we decided to keep the old shower basin — it just needs a good scrubbing so it’s sparkly and clean, and painted the old vanity (which I’m actually really excited about — it turned out beautifully!).

This weekend’s To Do List involves getting as far as we can with tile installation.  Once the grout has cured, I feel like everything else will go pretty smoothly.  We already have paint picked out and will probably do that before the toilet and vanity are installed.

Just a few details are left to figure out:

  • New mirror
  • Light fixture
  • What to do with the old medicine cabinet hole-in-the-wall (probably turn it into a little niche)
  • Pick out some pretty open shelving for above the toilet

It will be nice to have our bedroom back in order…

Master Bath3-001

Powder Room Mirror Makeover

Over the summer Hubs and I started our first REAL home improvement project (besides painting walls).  We updated our small, main floor powder room.  Quite the learning experience…

Anywho, I was on a mission to find a beautiful new mirror to go in our beautiful new powder room.  I wanted something oval, since everything else was square (i.e. the sink).  After going through three mirrors (the buy-it-return-it merry-go-round, shall we say), I was about to give up.  Then Hubs said “Why don’t you just buy a mirror the shape you like, then paint it like you did the [master bedroom] lamps?”

I thought about it for a millisecond and decided if I could FIND a mirror I liked, I would MAKE a mirror I kinda liked into something I LOVED.

Powder Room Mirror1-001

I succeeded.

I used the same technique as the lamp makeover I did in June.




Paper towels
Distilled white vinegar
220 grit sand paper
Painters tape
Produce bags (or plastic, or paper, whatever)
Krylon Primer in Gray
Rust-oleum Hammered Spray paint in Burnished Amber

First, I taped the produce bags to the mirror to protect what I didn’t want painted.  Then, I lightly sanded the frame to remove some of the varnish and to give the paint something to hold on to.

Powder Room Mirror

Plain black, boring mirror.

Once I was finished sanding, I rinsed the dust off with a paper towel soaked with white vinegar, then wiped it again with a paper towel soaked in plain water.

When the frame was completely dry, I primed it with the gray Krylon primer — the same I used for the lamps.



I did two coats of primer to make sure I had even coverage.  Once it was dry, I sprayed the mirror with three (very light) coats of Burnished Amber.  It was lovely!

Powder Room5-001

I am now a firm believer in spray paint.  It can transform A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  Seriously.  You should try it.

Oh!  Hey there!

Oh! Hey there!

What about you?  Have you ever tried the (spray) paint makeover?  Lemme know what you did and how it turned out!