About Me


Hi!  My name is Jess.  Welcome to Motivated Maybes, thanks for stopping by.  I am inspired everyday by beautiful things, whether it be food, fashion, photography, health, or crafts.  I also suffer from what Hubs calls “Hobby ADD.”  I have lots of interests, but frequently jump from one thing to the next, never really getting anything done.  So, this blog is my attempt at focus; my attempt to actually DO all of the things I say “Maybe I’ll…” to.  This is the place where I will be held accountable to finish that DIY project, scrapbook, recipe makeover, triathlon training, or whatever else I am into at the moment.  This is also where I will share my passion for fashion, photography, and cultivate my obsession for good food and good health.

A Few Fun Facts

I am newly and happily married to the most wonderful, generous, kind man on the planet.

I am mommy to Miss Molly Mae, a.k.a. Miss Mae-hem, Crazy Pants, Cuddle Bug, Poop-butt.

I am currently studying to be a dietitian.

I enjoy food, drink, and company.

I am a chronic procrastinator.

I love to read, bake, and host.

I have a serious weakness for sweet potato anything.


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