Frump to Fabaganza: Week 1

Week 1 of Frump to Fabaganza was a little more effort than I originally thought.  Breaking out of bad habits (pj’s all day) is hard, and this was no exception.  My usual morning ritual is to make coffee before Hubs goes to work, then sit in front of the computer writing emails, making calls, occasionally getting up to make the bed and fold laundry… all while still in the jam-jams.  Days 1 and 2 were easy — I actually had places to be and things to do before noon.  The rest of the week, well, lets just say that this project was the only thing that kept me motivated.  I mean, really.  Who wants to think about hair and make up if you’re just hanging out by yourself all day?

I did find (and this is a lesson learned for the billionth time) that I was more productive, even if I was just hanging out at the house by myself.  I was more inclined to venture out into the world beyond and get things done.  Like grocery shopping.  Dog grooming.  Class registration.  Ya know, grown-up, “responsible” things.

I struggle sometimes with being a grown up…  My usual motto is “Responsi–SHINY!!!!!”

The struggle is real, folks!

The Outfits

The Outfits

1. T-Shirt — Target
Pants — Loft
Shoes — Target
Necklace — New York & Co
Earrings — Claire’s
Sunglasses — Target

2. Black Shirt — Target
Necklace — New York & Co
Shorts — Old Navy
Watch and Earrings — gifts

3. T-shirt — Target
Pants — …somewhere in New York
Shoes — Target
Necklace — Claire’s
Bracelets — gifts

4. Shirt — Target
Jeans — Delia’s
Shoes — Target
Necklace — gift

5. Shirt and skirt — Target
Necklace — Claire’s


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