Bathroom Renovations Part Deux: Master Bath

Hubs and I have embarked on another bathroom makeover (I know, we’re getting a little redundant with the content).  Our original plan was to somehow figure out a way to utilize the “dressing room” space between our closet and our teeny, tiny, itty, bitty master bathroom.  Well, with our current moving situation, we have decided to just do some updates instead of a bathroom overhaul.  I’m actually really excited to see how it turns out!

When we moved in, our master bath looked like this:

Who thought a blue toilet was a good idea?

Who thought a blue toilet was a good idea?

Things I particularly enjoyed about the old bathroom:

  • cracked shower tiles
  • bad caulk job (impossible to keep clean, and the mildew just spread further)
  • teeny, tiny floor tiles, also cracked
  • white EVERYTHING!
  • The lovely blue commode…

Let me tell you, going from a large vanity counter-top, full size tub, room-to-spare master bath, where we could both fit comfortably to this tiny little space (no room for products!) was a little rough at first.  But we wanted to live in it for a while to get a feel for how we used the space before ripping down walls and moving plumbing around.  Hence, we never actually got around to it.

I never realized how yellow the paint on the walls were until we ripped the cabinets out…

Master Bath1-001

As every DIY home improvement project goes, it has taken us triple the amount of time we thought it would.  However, choosing tile, hardware, and accents with the purpose of selling in mind definitely makes decision-making easier…

So, to start with, we ripped all of the old shower and floor tiles out (Hubs channeled The Hulk and ripped the floor out in three pieces); replaced the mildew-y, below grade insulation; put up a vapor barrier (there wasn’t one before); installed new cement board walls; laid the base of the floor (twice…); and installed a shower niche.

Master Bath2-002

We have finally come to a consensus on the shower tile layout and accents, bought all of our materials for the new toilet (just waiting for installation), a new “invisible” shower door, and have bought all of our hardware (faucet, towel racks, vanity nobs, shower head and nobs, etc).

To save ourselves a dime, we decided to keep the old shower basin — it just needs a good scrubbing so it’s sparkly and clean, and painted the old vanity (which I’m actually really excited about — it turned out beautifully!).

This weekend’s To Do List involves getting as far as we can with tile installation.  Once the grout has cured, I feel like everything else will go pretty smoothly.  We already have paint picked out and will probably do that before the toilet and vanity are installed.

Just a few details are left to figure out:

  • New mirror
  • Light fixture
  • What to do with the old medicine cabinet hole-in-the-wall (probably turn it into a little niche)
  • Pick out some pretty open shelving for above the toilet

It will be nice to have our bedroom back in order…

Master Bath3-001

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