Powder Room Mirror Makeover

Over the summer Hubs and I started our first REAL home improvement project (besides painting walls).  We updated our small, main floor powder room.  Quite the learning experience…

Anywho, I was on a mission to find a beautiful new mirror to go in our beautiful new powder room.  I wanted something oval, since everything else was square (i.e. the sink).  After going through three mirrors (the buy-it-return-it merry-go-round, shall we say), I was about to give up.  Then Hubs said “Why don’t you just buy a mirror the shape you like, then paint it like you did the [master bedroom] lamps?”

I thought about it for a millisecond and decided if I could FIND a mirror I liked, I would MAKE a mirror I kinda liked into something I LOVED.

Powder Room Mirror1-001

I succeeded.

I used the same technique as the lamp makeover I did in June.




Paper towels
Distilled white vinegar
220 grit sand paper
Painters tape
Produce bags (or plastic, or paper, whatever)
Krylon Primer in Gray
Rust-oleum Hammered Spray paint in Burnished Amber

First, I taped the produce bags to the mirror to protect what I didn’t want painted.  Then, I lightly sanded the frame to remove some of the varnish and to give the paint something to hold on to.

Powder Room Mirror

Plain black, boring mirror.

Once I was finished sanding, I rinsed the dust off with a paper towel soaked with white vinegar, then wiped it again with a paper towel soaked in plain water.

When the frame was completely dry, I primed it with the gray Krylon primer — the same I used for the lamps.



I did two coats of primer to make sure I had even coverage.  Once it was dry, I sprayed the mirror with three (very light) coats of Burnished Amber.  It was lovely!

Powder Room5-001

I am now a firm believer in spray paint.  It can transform A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  Seriously.  You should try it.

Oh!  Hey there!

Oh! Hey there!

What about you?  Have you ever tried the (spray) paint makeover?  Lemme know what you did and how it turned out!


The Great Powder Room Makeover

Hey y’all!  It’s been a while!  I know, I know.  I made all these lofty claims that I would be better about posting updates and then mysteriously disappeared… again.  Well, mysterious to you.  Unfortunate for me: I started school.  Ugh.  What a time suck… and so not fun, nor worth posting about.

Moving on.  Over the summer, Hubs and I decided to take on a small home improvement project (or so we thought) to redo the powder room on the main floor of the house.  We mulled over floor tiles for about three weeks, paint for another two, and he seriously had to convince me of the sink he really wanted (and that I have now come to love).  To keep a long story short, it took us far longer than the weekend we thought it would.



The first problem we ran into (besides making decisions) was the plumbing.  The pipe literally crumbled when Hubs unhooked the sink from the wall.  Awesome.  Then it wouldn’t stop leaking.  I’m sure our water bill reflected the several gallons that slowly dripped from the damn thing as we moved forward.  Oi.

Once we tore up the floor, which was covered in a lovely laminate that runs into the kitchen as well, we discovered not the sub-floor we had expected, but ANOTHER layer of terrible [sticky] laminate tile.

IMAG0107-001 P1020432-001

After fighting with trying to pull it up we decided not to try to get to the sub-floor.  After consulting with the all-knowing Google, we just laid the new floor right on top of the old one.


Leaning against the door jam for balance… turned out to be a great leg and back workout…

We even got a shiny new toy!  Hooray for wet saws!  Hubs found a small wet saw online for a reasonable price and we snatched it right up.  Boy did that make our lives a gazillion times easier!


New Toy!

After laying and grouting the tile, we painted.  I was SO EXCITED about the paint colors we picked out.  I wanted to do the ceiling a beautiful stormy blue and the walls a light silver-blue.  In my mind, it was perfect.  We painted the ceiling and I was in love.  It was exactly what I had envisioned!  We painted the walls.  Lovely!  Ok.  Now for the new light fixture…

What. Have. We. DONE?!?!?!?!

With the new light fixture (but same bulbs as the old one) my beautiful stormy blue turned fuchsia, and the walls went from silver-blue to lavender.

Needless to say I quit for a while.  I was so upset.  It was not at all what I wanted.  It was down right ugly.

So, Lesson #1: ALWAYS check your paint color choice in the SAME EXACT light (and fixture) that it will be featured in.  I should have known better. But who knew simply changing the fixture and keeping the same bulbs would COMPLETELY change the colors.  (I have come to believe it is because the glass on the new light fixture casts a little bit of a warm glow.  That warm glow was enough to ruin my painted ceiling.)

Powder Room1-001

What were we to do?  In an effort to find an easy fix Hubs, bless his soul, went out and bought every temperature of light bulb to try to get the purple OUT without having to repaint everything.  Nothing worked.  We just had varying shades of pink in a bathroom that was supposed to be blue and grey.  Awesome.

Therefore, I did what any level-headed individual would do: I closed the door and completely ignored the powder room for a week.  Ok, so I couldn’t close the door because we had taken it down, but I never went in to that *expletive* bathroom for a whole WEEK.  (stupid bathroom…)

After calming down (and by calming down I mean getting irritated anytime I walked by the powder room… which I had to do every day, multiple times a day), we decided to bust out a can of white paint we had down in the basement from another project to see if getting the dark blue (oh, it was so beautiful when not in the bathroom) painted over would make a difference.  It did.  So with some daylight light bulbs and a white ceiling, the lavender all but disappeared.  Whew!

My stormy blue ceiling didn't work out so great...

My stormy blue ceiling didn’t work out so great…

After that, I believed we were home free.  The rest was just installing and “doing the pretty” (all the fluff stuff that makes things fun).  We managed to install the toilet with few curse words, and put up the trim.


Then we moved on to the sink.  Poor, poor Hubs.  His beautiful new sink did not like my lovely new faucet.  At all.  You see, the sink is open underneath; therefore, it does not have a water trap or overflow hole.  The drain pipe that came with the faucet did not fit with this open sink concept…


Open sink concept

I think at this point we were looking at  our Hubs’ eighth trip to Lowe’s/Home Depot.

Finally, he found a drain pipe that would work in the sink… it was not the right color, but damn it!  He was not. Going. Back.  (I have since looked and there aren’t any drain pipe plates that are the oil rubbed bronze, or even black…).

Finally, we were ACTUALLY home free.  We switched out the light plates, I re-finished a mirror to match the bronze fixtures, and decorated with our old over-the-toilet shelves, new filling for the flower vase (all of our favorite wine’s corks), and a pretty new towel.

Brass to Class

Brass to Class

Details (and seasonal decorations).

Details (and seasonal decorations).

So pretty!


Eventually, I would like to put some art or something on the wall next to the toilet, and a small, shallow shelf on the wall next to the light switch.  But overall, it turned out beautifully.  And after all of that trouble… we just started the master bathroom…  🙂

I'm a DIYer.

I’m a DIYer.


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