Where the heck ya been?!? And other updates.

Wow.  It’s been a while, you guys!  The coffee vs. computer incident put me out of commission for a while.  Then summer hit and is now almost over.  Not really sure where the time went, but clearly I haven’t been spending time writing.

Anywho, in order to get back into the swing of things I thought I would give you a quick preview of what I plan for this week:

Magic Green Sauce

A couple of recipes I’ve been waiting to post.  Magic Green Sauce and Tarragon & Goat Cheese Roasted Beets.

A new outfit post.


A powder room makeover — finally!


And a fun new 7 week workout series.

3 thoughts on “Where the heck ya been?!? And other updates.

  1. So, don’t tell Bugger, but I trimmed out the kitchen, the two beams in the kitchen and living room, painted the stairs and stairwell, and stained the spare bedroom door – I would suggest that one doesn’t wait too long to stain the doors in your life, because when I pulled the plastic off and the one corner with the cardboard instruction thingy – it is a lighter color than the rest of the door… This coming weekend is the false beams in the living room, put up the big wood trim in the stairwell, install the ceiling fan in the spare bedroom, and indoor/outdoor carpet the stairs. My spare kid loves us! Dad says, however, when he hits 66 he’s no longer doing construction. I think we are going to have to spend one summer at home just finishing everything…

    I curse you with DIY projects – keeps you young!

    And busy.

    And at home.

    And it always takes five times longer than you think.

    And costs you in gas money for every trip to the hardware store for every screw, nut, bolt, and thingy that you forgot or find out you need.


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