Pulled Pork Shoulder


I have to admit something.  I haven’t been eating very well.  I would like to say it’s because I’m a busy little bee running around doing busy bee things, but it’s not.  If I take a good hard look at the last couple of days, weeks, — gah!  ok guys, months, it’s because I have been rather LAZY and slightly uninspired (unless it involves pie, soup, or comfort food).  But, as it usually goes, I’m feeling lethargic, foggy, (even more) lazy, and gross.  It’s time to get over myself and get back in the kitchen.

So, to kick off my return to healthy[er] eating I have made some super nummy shredded, slow-cooked, ridiculously good pork shoulder.  The beauty of this recipe is that it takes about 20 minutes of active time and is almost a “fix it and forget it” meal.  Also, it yields tons of leftovers (especially with the 10-lbs shoulder Hubs found at the store), so there is really no excuse for greasy, gross fast food (I’m looking at you Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich and delicious chocolate frosty!)

Unfortunately, I am not the creative mastermind behind the nums.  In fact, I can’t even take credit for finding this little gem of interweb goodness (thanks, C!).  What I can take credit for, though, is the rub I used, and the love I put in it.  Because, seriously, what’s good food without a little love to help season it?  Not good, that’s what.

In the highly unlikely event that she actually visits my tiny little piece of the webverse, I would like to give a special thanks to Michelle Tam from Nom Nom Paleo for the wonderful recipes and amazing inspiration to feed ourselves well.  Truly, her website is just as addictive as her pork shoulder.

Fair warning, this recipe is a two-day/over-night process.  Totally worth it.

To start things off, I rinsed the ridiculous 10 pound pork shoulder Hubs picked up at the grocery store and blotted it dry.  I mean, this thing was huge!  Next, I cross-hatched the fat cap (cut crisscrossed lines) and seasoned the shoulder liberally with my version of a 4-3-2-1 Basic Rub.

4-3-2-1 Basic Rub (or “Really, It’s That Easy” Rub)
*can be used for any meat

4 tbsp sweet paprika (next time I plan on using some smoked paprika… bet that’s nums)
3 tbsp salt (Kosher)
2 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp black pepper

*For Pulled/Shredded Pork:

~1/2 – 1 tbsp mustard powder
~1/2-1 tbsp ancho chili powder (replacing 1/2-1 tbsp of the paprika)

I set the shoulder on a plate and wrapped it in plastic wrap and let it sit in the fridge to marinate overnight (or 12-24 hours).  In the morning I pulled it out and let it sit on the counter for about an hour and a half to bring it up to room temperature.

Now, this next step I have done two ways.  In the original recipe, Michelle set the shoulder on a bed of veggies on a baking sheet, which I have done here.

Bed of veg

Bed of veg


The other way I have done it is in a roasting pan (the one with the raised wire rack) with veggies resting on the rack.  Either works.  I kept the veggies when I used the wire rack to lend the meat some flavor.  However, if you are using a wire rack, that is completely up to you since the purpose of the veggies is simply to raise the pork up out of the juices.

I set the shoulder in the oven pre-heated to 275° and left it alone for about 8 hours (plus maybe 15 minutes while we debated whether it was done… Hubs won and we pulled it out.  So glad we did!).  Smells. So. Yum.

Purrrrty Pork

Purrrrty Pork

Once I had driven myself and Miss Mae insane with the wonderful aroma wafting from the oven for a gazillion endless 8 hours, I took the shoulder out of the oven and let it cool for about 20 minutes.  Hubs, of course, burnt his tongue trying to beat me to the crunchy, flavor filled fat-cap goodness (ok, so not this time, but definitely last time!).

The meat was so tender, we just pulled it apart and put it in a bowl.  This night we had BBQ pulled pork with coleslaw.  I will probably be eating shredded pork “something” for lunch for the next week — maybe some carnitas with some kind of spicy sauce, or shredded pork-salad-sandwiches (like roast beef or chicken salad…), or just on top of some spinach.


Yay for healthy, nummy eats!

Printable Recipes can be found here and here.  Again, the original recipe from Nom Nom Paleo can be found here.

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6 thoughts on “Pulled Pork Shoulder

  1. Mmm… that looks amazing! My husband and I just started cooking with pork for the first time and we love it. I don’t know why we didn’t start eating it a long time ago. I will definitely add this recipe to my list!

    • Yay! I’m so excited! Pork is definitely an underrated meat. Chops are ok, depending on what you do with them, which is why I think a lot of people “don’t like pork.” But give me some pork shoulder or pork butt to slow-roast, and they are changing their tune!

  2. Thanks for the comment you left on my website 🙂
    This looks so yum! For me, I’m reasonably healthy but it’s winter and there aren’t as many healthy options for winter :/

  3. This looks great! I do a pulled pork in the slow cooker. Same idea as your oven slow roast. You could freeze the left overs if it’s just too much for this week. Later you could add to chili, make pork soft tacos with cabbage slaw, sandwiches, nachos. There are lots of yummy options.

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