New Summer Shorts

Summer Time!

Summer Time!

I don’t usually go for shorts, much less crazy patterned shorts.  I generally find them too, well, short.  If I wanted to wear underwear in public I just wouldn’t wear pants.  On the other hand, I also don’t want to look like I can’t dress myself, which was the other option in the shorts department — big, billowy, and ill-fitting.  However, I am excited to say that in the last few summer seasons shorts are showing up in appropriate lengths for normal people.  Yay!

I saw these “loud” shorts [as Hubs described them] at Old Navy and decided I had to have them.  I also bought a pair of Khakis, just to round out the wardrobe.  I mean, let’s not get too crazy here!  🙂



1. Shirt — Loft
2. Shorts — Old Navy
3. Charm Necklace — Claire’s
4. Earrings — Target
5. Sandles — 8 years ago… soooo… ?
6. Belt — Anchor Blue



Even though it’s only costume jewelry, I just adore that little owl charm necklace!  And even though the shoes are 8 years old, they have been in storage for probably 7.  I just dug them out of all of my old stuff over spring break and had Mom send them to me.



So, what’s your favorite summer time outfit?  Have any guilty favorites?  Oldies but goodies?  Loud shorts?  Long shorts?  Short shorts?  I’d love to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “New Summer Shorts

  1. Those are really cute! My favourite pair are these ones I got at Marshall’s last summer. I dubbed them my “mom” shorts, only because they are a longer cut. I love them and have yet to find another similar pair.

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