Lamp Makeover

Lamp Makeover-001

Towards the end of last summer/early fall I bought a new duvet cover and sheets for our bed in an effort to motivate myself to finish the master bedroom.  Well, the walls are still the dime-a-dozen-let’s-sell-this-place off-white they were when we bought our home.  However, I have done a few things since then: put up some neat shelves, added a few cute pics of Hubs and I, and displayed some of my favorite knick-knackery.

The lamps, though, still matched the old duvet cover and looked ridiculous next to our pretty new bed.  So I have been looking for new lamps for a while.  But new lamps are so expensive!  In an effort to save a buck, and put said buck toward the powder room makeover, I started Google-ing.  After some research, I decided I could definitely DIY my way to some prettier lamps.

You will need:



  • Lamps to makeover 🙂
  • painters tape
  • plastic bags to protect the light-bulb-socket-thing and the cord
  • Primer spray paint (I used Krylon Primer in Grey)
  • Pretty paint (I used Krylon Fusion Hammered Finsih in Brown)
  • Fine grit sand paper
  • White vinegar
  • Paper towels
  • Water
  • Well ventilated area (outside is best)
  • Newspaper or something to protect anything you don’t want painted

First, I taped the plastic bags around the cord and the light bulb socket to protect them from the paint.

Lamp Makeover1

Protect it!

Next, I lightly sanded the lamps to give the primer something to hold onto.  I rinsed any dust off first with the white vinegar, then a wet paper towel, and waited for the lamp to dry.


Now, I applied the primer.  Ok, admittedly Hubs did most of the painting because he has a much steadier hand and more experience with spray paint then I do (zilch).  I did do a coat on each (one primer, one paint).  How am I ever going to learn if I don’t do it, right?!?



After the primer dried for a couple of minutes, we added the first coat of the Hammered Brown.  I think we ended up doing about three coats just to make sure we got good coverage.


First coat of pretty!

I waited about an hour before I removed the plastic and tape, and took them upstairs.  I’m really pleased with the way they turned out.  They are a little bit shiny with a soft texture.



I added some pretty new shades and, voilà!  New lamps.

So pretty!

So pretty!

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